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Responsible Recycling

As part of BCOM’s green agenda we have changed the way that our office waste is collected.

In August 2014 BCOM started recycling all of its waste materials and since then 90% of BCOM’s waste (mixed waste) goes to recycling rather than landfill, and the remaining 10% food waste goes towards creating energy.

Up to 75% of BCOM’s office waste goes to recycling with the remainder going to energy production meaning that BCOM has zero waste to landfill.

There are two categories of waste for mixed recycling and food recycling and BCOM has installed new bins for this on the campus. 

Harry Cowling, Facilities Manager at the College says: “At BCOM we will be working together to make this a success and promote BCOM’s recycling achievements.”

Why Recycle?

To save energy: Recycling and reusing products uses less energy than creating products from raw materials.

To be environmentally friendly: Recycling helps prevent deforestation by reducing the number of trees and forests that are cut down.

To reduce landfill: Recycling diverts waste from landfill, which reduces the amount of methane and greenhouse gases that are released from landfill sites in to the atmosphere.

To be happy: A recent survey commissioned by Green Office Week shows that workers are happier if the companies they work for are greener.


BCOM’s Recycling Achievement 2016

Over the past 12 months BCOM has recycled 96% of its waste, saved 70 trees and 10 tonnes of CO2.

Thank you to everyone who helped make recycling at BCOM a success.

Download the Recycling Achievement Report



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