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BCOM 80th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

Graduates from over the years came to Frazer House to celebrate the college’s 80th anniversary at a special alumni reunion on Saturday 5 November 2016.


BCOM’s Principal Dr Kerstin Rolfe welcomed alumni members to this special event. The afternoon included talks given by President of the Alumni Association, Leon Chaitow, and Chair of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA), Simeon Milton, both graduates of the college. BCOM lecturers Mark Hines and Bianca Serwinski gave talks on their research.

Alumni members including retired Principal, Dr Ian Drysdale, enjoyed an afternoon of networking with fellow osteopaths and naturopaths, and reminiscing on their days at the college with former classmates and old friends.

The funds raised from tickets sales for the reunion will go towards BCOM’s Student Hardship Fund, to help our students in financial need.

Thank you to all our alumni who attended the reunion on Saturday!





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