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BodPod Assessments at BCOM

Those looking to monitor the effectiveness of their exercise and weight loss programmes should consider having a BodPod session at BCOM

BodPod assessments take place at BCOM's Human Performance Laboratory.

The BodPod assesses fat percentage and lean mass, including calculation of estimated total energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate. It is used to accurately and efficiently measure body mass.

Users sit in the egg-shaped chamber for a short time, as the volume of air displaced by the body is measured and used to calculate body fat percentage. This information is vital in determining the effectiveness of your diet and exercise programme.

On average women should have less that 32% body fat and men less than 20% to be considered healthy.

BodPod assessments have been seen on the TV shows Embarrassing Fat Bodies and the Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight, to assess weight loss and changes in body composition. A BodPod session at BCOM was featured on the Programme ‘Punk Chef’ Shown on BSL Zone, the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust’s online channel.


BodPod Assessment £40



Contact Details

BodPod Assessments
Call 0207 472 5841
Email db@bcom.ac.uk

For further information and to make an appointment please contact Daphne Bird.

British College of Osteopathic Medicine Lief House
Finchley Road

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