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Marathon Care Package

Our marathon osteopathic care package aims to identify and treat musculoskeletal areas that may be under strain.

Training for and running a marathon can be very demanding on the body. The BCOM Clinic Marathon Care Package is for anyone registered to run a marathon in 2014 and includes an initial consultation and two follow-up treatments.

Our supervising osteopaths are highly experienced in treating sports injuries and have been involved in offering post-race treatment to London Marathon runners over the past few years.

*Consultation plus 2 follow-up
  treatments £50 

  • Full musculoskeletal and gait assessment to help prevent training injuries and you may also choose to use your treatment after the Marathon for post-Marathon tissue recovery

  • Pre-Marathon stretching programme

  • All treatments are supervised by qualified and registered osteopaths who are experienced in treating sports injuries

  • Human Performance specialist equipment to help improve/maximise training (not included in marathon care package) Further information



For further details and to book your
Marathon Care Package please contact us

020 7435 7830



*To take-up the offer you will need proof of Marathon registration


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