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Functional Movement Based Assessment

2 Day Course

Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July 2013

Cost: £300
(BCOM Staff and Alumni £250, BCOM Students £160)

Venue: BCOM, Frazer House, 6 Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5RR


Delivered by: Ben Cormack, founder of Cor-Kinetic and Kris Rai, osteopath and naturopath

The Cor-Kinetic courses for health care professionals are designed to bring cohesion and process to the tasks of functional and dynamic assessment.

Functional movement based assessment looks at both the brain and body and their role in our movement. This includes our proprioceptive feedback and our feedforward motor control systems.

What are the principles of the course?


Principles of Function

Brain, Motor Control & Proprioception in Function

“The Rules of Function”

– Applied Functional Biomechanics and Functional Muscle Function

Functional gait assessment

Functional assessment process

Functional treatment process

Functional exercise for rehabilitation

Further information

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Details of events may be subject to minor change.

If appropriate attendance numbers are not achieved, the course will be postponed to a later date.

Future events - prices may vary.

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Day 1 Saturday 6 July 2013

9.30 Introduction and registration

10.00 The functional Vs anatomical approach

10:30 Foundations of function: movement criteria

11:00 Muscle function in motion proprioception biomechanics

11.30 The brain, motor control and pain: Sensorymotor cortical mapping and neuroplasticity

12.15 Modern pain science and its relation with movement

12.45 3D functional stretching of the hips

13:00 Lunch

14.00 Introduction to the visual system and movement

14.20 Motor control drills

14.45 Functional gait assessment

16.00 Case study

16.30 Effective history taking -how previous injury affects future pain

16.45 Recap and questions

Day 2 Sunday 7 July 2013

9.30 Recap

10.00 Building on pain free movement – manipulating the variables

10.30 3D integrated functional joint assessment - hips, ankles and feet

12.30 Ankle motor control drills

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Spine motor control drills

14.30 The 3D’s movement enhancement process - drills, dimensions and demand

15.30 3D functional stretching ankle and spine

16.00 Fundamental functional movements master class. Easy to use functional exercise for rehab

16.30 Bringing it all together  - How do apply this on Monday morning

17.00 Recap

Refreshments will be provided.

A CPD certificate for 14 hours will be issued on completion of the course.


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