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By donating to BCOM you can help us to further serve our local community by offering affordable, concessionary and free osteopathic treatment.

Your donations will also go towards advancing BCOM’s osteopathic research and education.

Ways to Donate to BCOM

Student Hardship Fund


BCOM as a Charity

In 2015-2016 BCOM provided over 4,200 free or concessionary appointments



    Helping to serve our local community

    • BCOM as well as being a higher educational institution is also a registered charity in England and Wales (312907)

    • BCOM not only provides undergraduate and postgraduate osteopathic education but also provides access to osteopathic care to the community and promotes research in osteopathy.

    • BCOM provides holistic and naturopathic osteopathic medicine to a full community of patients of all ages and with a wide range of conditions. 

    • BCOM provides a free children’s clinic and a number of concessionary or free appointments for other age groups.

    • In 2015-2016 BCOM provided over 4,200 free or concessionary appointments.

    • BCOM also works with a number of other charities following major events such as the London Marathon providing after care for their runners.

    • BCOM students and the Student Union also raise money for events such as Children in Need and World Book Day through cake and book sales.

    For further information on how to donate to BCOM please email donations@bcom.ac.uk


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