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Student Hardship Fund

Why we need a Hardship Fund

The Student Hardship Fund was introduced to provide support for BCOM students in times of financial hardship.

  • Tuition Fees for the Osteopathy Degree at BCOM are £9,000 per annum for home students and £10,500 per annum for overseas students and students who have not been resident in the UK or EU for 5 years.

    Full-time students who have not studied for a previous degree will be eligible for a Student Loan.

  •  Those who are studying for the M.Ost as their second degree will not receive a Student Loan and have to fund the course themselves.

  • The Government are removing the availability of Maintenance Grants. Only Maintenance Loans will be available, which need to be paid back. Maintenance Grants did not have to be paid back.

  • The only available funding from BCOM is the Bursary and this is not very much. Last year 22% of students who applied were awarded the Bursary.

  • Funding from Plymouth University is no longer available to our students.

  • Very few students seek funding help even when they need it - probably due to embarrass­ment. This means that they struggle on their own.

  • The Osteopathic Educational Fund allows students to apply for a loan of up to £3,000 which has to be paid back. For the 2014-15 academic year, 3 students applied for the funding.

  • The majority of our students apply through the Student Loans Company. Very few are private payers.


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BCOM as a Charity

For further information on how to donate to BCOM please email donations@bcom.ac.uk


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