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BCOM Graduation Ceremony 2013

BCOM’s Graduation Ceremony took place on 25 October at the Mermaid Centre, Blackfriars, London and the special day was enjoyed by all. Students celebrated alongside their families, friends and BCOM faculty and staff.

We offer our congratulations to the 2013 Graduates who received their degrees, graduating with their Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost), Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine, Bachelor of Science, BSc (Hons) Osteopathy Conversion Course and Diploma in Osteopathy.


Guests of honour guests attending the ceremony included Dr Geoffrey Copland and Professor Jane Lewis from the University of Westminster. They presented degrees, diplomas and prizes to graduates, and the Christopher Bennetto Prize was awarded to Mr Christian Di Giorgio for the best Naturopathic Dissertation.

An Honorary Diploma in Osteopathy was awarded to Dr Paula Fletcher from the European School of Osteopathy in recognition of her contribution to Osteopathy. Mr Leon Chaitow, a highly respected figure within the osteopathic community and President of the BCOM Alumni Association, delivered a speech to the new graduates.

The ceremony marked the retirement of Miss Andria Marchant, Lecturer in Cranial Osteopathy and the College Librarian, Miss Diane Finlayson. Dr Ian Drysdale, Principal at BCOM, gave recognition and thanks to Mr Denis Kiely, Dean Emeritus, on his contribution to the College over the past 60 years.


Dr Oliver Thomson received a medal of achievement as BCOM’s first funded PhD student. Oliver’s research explored the clinical decision-making and therapeutic approaches of experienced osteopaths in the UK and his PhD was awarded by the University of Brighton (UOB). Oliver graduated from BCOM in 2006. He said: “Although the PhD journey was very challenging, the sense of achievement in finally completing my thesis, and at the same time contributing to the evidence base of osteopathy, even in a small way, makes the journey worthwhile. I’m very grateful for the continued support of BCOM and it was lovely to attend the graduation ceremony and celebrate with new BCOM graduates, old friends and colleagues from the College”.

Dr Ian Drysdale congratulated the new graduates on their hard work and accomplishment in completing their degrees. He said: “The graduation ceremony is the highlight of the year for the College, and we recognise and celebrate the achievements of our students. Warmest congratulations to all our 2013 graduates and we wish them great success in their future careers!”


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