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BCOM Announces GOsC and QAA Review Success


BCOM is pleased to announce a further successful General Osteopathic Council and Quality Assurance Agency review for quality in osteopathic education.


The College was awarded Recognised Qualification status "approval without conditions" from the QAA RQ report for the second consecutive time - a sector leading achievement.

Report Summary

  • Students were abundant in their praise for the friendliness and approachability of all staff and there was a high level of formal and informal academic and pastoral support.

  • Assessments are effective and develop the students learning though a range of assessments with timely and constructive feedback.

  • The clinical teaching and learning through experience is well structured and provides a basis for the development of students as autonomous practitioners.

  • The College's strong research profile informs teaching and learning and is highly effective in encouraging and supporting students' evidence-based learning.

  • Students were provided with a valuable insight into the National Health Service and the work of allied health professionals, which  enhances their exposure to a wide range of patients.

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