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BCOM student awarded Freedom of the City of London  

BCOM student Sam Boland has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

Fourth year student Sam was nominated by a patient receiving treatment at BCOM’s osteopathic teaching clinic. Sam said:

“The patient who put me forward for the award is a real character and has many interesting stories to tell.

It was a real privilege for me to be recommended to receive this honour and I am truly grateful for the opportunity. It was a fantastic experience accepting the award at the Chamberlain's Court and learning about the many high status individuals who have been awarded the Freedom of the City.”

Last year two BCOM graduates were also awarded the Freedom of the City of London which is one of the oldest surviving ceremonies still in existence today. It is believed that the first Freedom was presented in the thirteenth century, and The City of London invites individuals who have made a significant impact in their field to take up the Freedom to acknowledge their particular contribution.

Many famous names have received the honour including Florence Nightingale, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela.

Sam attended a ceremony at the Guildhall in London on 4 February 2015 to receive his award from the Clerk of the Chamberlain's Court, City of London. 

BCOM graduates awarded the Freedom of the City of London


Sam Boland accepting the award with Murray Craig, Clerk of the Chamberlains Court, City of London


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