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BCOM students paint the Common Room

Thank you to the BCOM students who volunteered their time during the Easter break to decorate the common room in Frazer House.

The work took two weeks and involved moving furniture, sanding and painting. The paint was kindly donated to the Student Union by the parents of year 2 student of Roberto Salvati. Other materials were paid for by the SU.

The students involved were: Aisling Peberdy, Amelia Butterwick, Pride Nyathi, Roberto Salvati, Rachel van de Merwe, Andrea Smith, Holly Clarkson, Andy Riley, Andre Romeril and Simon Bell.

SU Representative Holly Clarkson said: “The common room has been reorganised to make the space more sociable. There are plans to purchase a new pool table next term or early next academic year. BCOM’s Facilities Manager, Harry Cowling, and Principal, Dr Kerstin Rolfe, have been very supportive and accommodating of the whole project”

There has also been a Spring clean of lecture room L4 in Lief House. All the old static couches have been sent away for recycling.




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