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Retirement celebration for Dr Drysdale

 Faculty members, staff and
 students were joined by
 distinguished members of the
 osteopathic community to wish
 the outgoing Principal, Dr Ian
 Drysdale, a fond farewell and
 happy retirement.

 The celebration was held at the 
 College on 5 December 2014
 and marked the valuable
 contribution Dr Drysdale has
 made to the College and
 to the Osteopathic profession
 during an exceptional career
 spanning over forty years.

Speeches were given by Dr Kerstin Rolfe, BCOM’s Acting Principal, the College’s Head of Osteopathy, Mr Manoj Mehta, and Tim Walker, Chief Executive & Registrar at the General Osteopathic Council.

All commended Dr Drysdale on his outstanding commitment to osteopathic education and research over the years and praised his leadership at the College during his time as Principal. BCOM Year 4 student representative, Patrick Gauthier Jnr., said a few words on behalf of BCOM’s students to wish the former Principal a happy retirement.

Dr Drysdale thanked all those who attended and praised BCOM’s staff and faculty for their contribution to the success of the College. He also acknowledged his family and the Board of Governors for their support over the years. Dr Drysdale also expressed the importance of all the UK osteopathic institutions in helping to continue to raise the standard of osteopathic education.



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