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BCOM student osteopaths to treat runners at the
London Marathon

A team of BCOM students will be at this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 24 April, offering post-race care to runners for the charities Bliss and Arthritis Research UK.

BCOM has been involved with a number of charities over the years offering post-race treatment and support at the London Marathon. The college has a specialist Sports Clinic with a dedicated team of registered Osteopaths experienced in treating sports injuries, some of which were members of the Central Medical Team at the London 2012 Olympics.

BCOM will be launching a new postgraduate course in Osteopathic Sports Care starting in May 2016.

Under the supervision of BCOM’s registered Osteopaths, this year’s students will be at hand to offer the runners much welcomed treatment and massage for their aching limbs.

Caroline Davey, Chief Executive of Bliss, said:

“Our runners have worked incredibly hard to raise thousands of pounds for premature and sick babies in the UK, and we are delighted that BCOM students are once again going to be providing much-needed post-race sports massages. I’m sure our 86 runners will be very grateful!”




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