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BCOM at the Osteopathic Colleges Sports Day 2015

The annual sporting tournament of osteopathic colleges took place on Saturday 23 May at the European School Of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent.

Sponsored by The Osteopathic Sports Care Association (OSCA), the ‘Osteo-Olympics’ saw teams from BCOM, ESO, BSO and Swansea compete against each other in events including rugby, football, volleyball and tug-of-war. BCOM came second place overall with the victors ESO ending BSOs three-year record at the top. BSO were in third place and Swansea fourth.

BCOM Student Stuart Dorran said: “The highly anticipated clash of the Osteopathic colleges 2015 once again did not disappoint with an explosion of emotion, controversy, endeavour, triumph and as with every competition disappointment. Team BCOM came into this year’s event under the radar as the underdog to the three time champions BSO and the ever competitive ESO.

Congratulations ESO student body and wonderful student union on the win and the outstanding day enjoyed by all!”





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