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BCOM student osteopaths to treat runners at London Marathon  

  On Sunday April 21 2013, students from the British College of Osteopathic
  Medicine (BCOM) will provide post-race sports massage to team members
  running the Virgin London Marathon for the charities Bliss, Breakthrough
  Breast Cancer and Arthritis Research UK.

  BCOM’s supervising osteopaths are highly experienced in treating sports
  injuries and members of faculty were part of the Central Medical Services
  at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, offering treatment
  and advice to athletes.

  BCOM's Deputy Head of Osteopathy, Mr Barry Kleinberg will supervise      
  the final year students who have volunteered to support the charities’
  team runners by providing sports massage at the end of the London
  Marathon. Barry said: “BCOM students have provided post-race
  massage to individuals who run for these three charities for the past few
  years. Our students have treated conditions that marathon runners can
  experience including general lower limb problems such as tight muscles
  and low back pain as a result of running 26.2 miles.”

Money raised by the charities’ marathon teams will help with their vital research and campaigning.

Osteopathic Marathon Care Package at BCOM Clinic

The BCOM Osteopathic Clinic has a special offer for those running in this year’s London Marathon on 21 April 2013. Runners will receive a three-session Osteopathic Marathon Care Package aimed at injury prevention and post-race recovery at a discounted price of £45 (normal price £65). Further details





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