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BCOM students at hand to treat London Marathon runners

BCOM student volunteers had a successful day treating runners at this year’s London Marathon which took place on Sunday 13 April. The 13 osteopathy students offering post-race massage were spread across three sites around the capital to treat runners for the charities Bliss, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Arthritis Research UK.


The students were supervised by BCOM Registered osteopaths Mr Manoj Mehta, Head of Osteopathy, Ms Nicky Sharp, Lecturer and Clinic Tutor and Ms Poonam Shah, Lecturer. Nicky Sharp said: “It’s really a wonderful experience for the students to actually work in the field, normally they treat patients a few days after an event like this.”

Students provided treatment to exhausted competitors to help them to recover quickly after the race. BCOM student Fuhad Ahmed enjoyed the experience, saying he was “nervous yet excited” ahead of the race. He said: “When you talk about sports everybody thinks about a physio and a lot of osteopaths are not really recognised in that sense. I want to establish osteopaths as people who can work alongside physios and sports medical teams.”

Third year student Christa Powell said: “Manual therapy is great for releasing lactic acid and draining the limbs of any build-up of toxins. Hopefully it will help people recover quicker.”

BCOM students have been providing post-race massage to individuals running the London Marathon for the three charities over the past few years. Amy Rodwell, Bliss Running Events Officer, said of BCOM’s volunteers: “A huge thank-you once again for volunteering your time for Bliss. It’s always wonderful to offer this service to the runners and they sure do appreciate it!”


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