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10 Reasons to Study at BCOM

Why BCOM is the right choice


1. Holistic Philosophy

BCOM is well known for its holistic approach to osteopathic education.

2. Three Qualifications for the Price of One

Successful graduates leave BCOM with a Diploma in Osteopathy, Masters in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy.

3. Quality

BCOM is the sector leader for quality in its osteopathic teaching with two consecutive Recognised Qualifications approval without conditions from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). BCOM has a number of medically qualified practitioners who teach BCOM students relevant clinical subjects.

4. Facilities

BCOM’s campus environment offers unrivalled lecture theatres, air conditioned practical rooms, state of the art Human Performance and Hydrotherapy Laboratories and student facilities. BCOM students also learn anatomy in lectures and with human dissection.

5. Research Excellence

The full time staff at BCOM have extensive research experience and our research facilities are the best in UK osteopathic institutions. BCOM founded the International Conference on Advances in Osteopathic Research (ICAOR) in 1999.

6. Funded Masters Degree

BCOM offers a full-time integrated masters degree for its undergraduates. Eligible students are funded by student loans.

7. Clinical Experience

Supervised clinical training is at the core of learning at BCOM. Students see a diverse range of patients from the patient’s initial consultation to the patient’s discharge. BCOM also has a contract with the local Clinical Commissioning Group which allows BCOM students to treat the diversity of NHS patients that GPs refer to the clinic. 


8. Full Time Faculty

BCOM enjoys the highest number of full time, programme specific academic and clinical staff among UK Osteopathic Institutions. This enables formal and informal support for students, a BCOM feature praised by the QAA.

9. Location

BCOM is ideally located, being close to Hampstead Heath and with the West End a short trip away by bus or tube.

10. Friendly Atmosphere

BCOM is noted for its warm, supportive and friendly atmosphere.

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