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Research study into exercise and strategies to optimise fat metabolism

Have you ever wondered why some individuals get away with eating what they want and never put on body fat?

Are you interested to find out new ways to increase the amount of fats you use for energy whilst exercising?

Recently, scientists have found evidence for strategies to increase the amount of fat that individuals use for energy during exercise. Our research project is going to examine if we can further enhance this which may lead to the prevention of chronic diseases associated with obesity whilst avoiding individuals having to spend every day in the gym.

We are looking to recruit healthy males aged 18 – 40 years who regularly exercise

Benefits of taking part in the research include:

  • Receiving feedback on your body composition, assessed by the BodPod

  • Details of your fitness levels

  • Information on the carbohydrates and fats you use for energy when exercising

  • All assessed by experienced exercise physiologists 

Contact Details 

If you would like to find out more about participating in this project, please contact Chris Toms, lead investigator:


Tel: 020 7472 5853

This study has received ethical clearance from

The British College of Osteopathic Medicine


Research at BCOM


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