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Submission Rules for Abstracts

Abstracts can be submitted until March 30th 2008 at midnight GMT.

  1. NO REVISIONS to abstracts will be allowed.

  2. Authorship on multiple abstracts is permitted.

  3. All abstracts must be submitted in English

  4. Standard abbreviations must be used.  Other abbreviations must be defined in brackets after the first use of the word.

  5. The title should be in capitals.

  6. The abstracts should be structured in paragraphs as follows: Introduction, Design, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

  7. 500 words is the maximum length for an abstract text (excluding title, authors, affiliations and headings).  If you are including figures, this limit is reduced to 450 words.

  8. No bold characters and no words in capital letters (capital letters only for abbreviations).

  9. Font should be Times New Roman pt. 12, line spacing 1.5 

The following page layout should be used as the submission page.

ICAOR 2008 Abstract Submission

Authors Name:















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