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  The student project involves investigative research within the context of clinical
  application. It includes the integrated use of research methodology and a
  structured approach to a research question. With the M.Ost, BCOM moved away
  from its traditional 10,000-word dissertation to a publication-ready 2,500-word
  research paper; the College did this to encourage its students to seek publication,
  as the standard of student research work at BCOM has been recognised by external
  examiners as being at this level.

Research Topics

Most student research projects are available for a charge. Fees are as follows:

 After 2007 e-version   


 Before 2007


You will be required to complete a Copyright Form before we can supply the project document.

We can supply a complete list of research topics if required.

For further information please contact library@bcom.ac.uk

BCOM Student Project Titles



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