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Human Performance Laboratory

The Human Performance Laboratory, which opened in 1997, contains a range of state-of-the-art equipment. It is the hub of BCOM’s extensive research and is perhaps the most advanced human-performance research facility of any European osteopathic institution. Many BCOM students use these cutting-edge facilities during their research work.

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Research Laboratories Equipment
(New equipment being added regularly)

• RS Scan foot scan to measure static and dynamic balance
• Electromyograph to measure electrical activity in muscles
• Digitalmyograph to digitally map muscular strength resistance
• Cubaclinical to digitally map and monitor bone density
• Portable Spirometer to digitally measure lung function
• BodPod whole-body-composition digital analysis and body mapping
• Cortex to measure respiratory function
• Cybex Norm to measure isometric and isokinetic body function
• Laser Doppler to digitally monitor peripheral bloodflow
Back Range and Cervical Range protractors
• Treadmills
• Exercise Bikes
• Blood Pressure Monitors including computerised analysis
• Skin-fold Callipers


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