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The Library was established when the College moved to Netherhall Gardens in 1953. The library is modular in structure and occupies a very large multi-part space within the Frazer House site. It houses over 4000 volumes and is particularly strong in historical alternative medicine books, some of which are extremely rare. In addition, the library contains copies of important journals in the College's field of interest, together with other resource material such as slides, DVDs and anatomical models. Students are also able to access library facilities at their accrediting university.

Members of the public can visit the Library by appointment. Visitors who are not current students or staff must contact the Librarian on 020 7443 9910 or e-mail library@bcom.ac.uk to arrange an appointment. Please give at least 48 hours notice.  Items may be on loan so it is always necessary to check with the Library before coming to BCOM. Photocopying material is subject to a charge and copyright law.

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The four modules are:

Thousands of books are available to our students via a conventional academic-library lending system. The range and availability of books is excellent, with both rare editions and multiple versions of more commonly required titles.  The library's catalogue is computerised to aid in the retrieval of material in all the different media held.

The College has one of the most extensive journal collections among osteopathic institutions. These include the core osteopathic publications such as the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association as well as medical journals such as Spine. Information is given via accessing databases such as PubMed. Inter-library loans are available - crucial for BCOM's research focus.

Information Technology
The Library houses a good number of computers in addition to other computers dedicated to student use in various locations throughout the College. All have free internet access. Standard software includes word processing, spreadsheet and database packages, together with specialised statistics packages, Dietplan, a dietary analysis system and Exercise Planner for patient exercise analysis. Interactive clinical anatomy and physiology CD-Rom software provides an innovative way to augment lecture material. Students can use library printers and photocopiers to print off lecture notes. Wi-fi internet access is available.

Reading Room
There is space for students to work both in areas dedicated as quiet or for group work.


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