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Osteonet & Digital Learning

From the earliest days of new “self-directed learning” technologies in higher education, BCOM has embraced the digital learning environment.

 In 2008, it replaced its landmark Vesalius student intranet with a cutting-edge in-house site, which the staff and students voted to name Osteonet. This has some unique and sector-leading functionalities and is the central point for news, assessment results, all lecture notes, general information about BCOM and a wide range of University, academic, osteopathic and medical links. Some especially exciting features of Osteonet include an innovative and much-praised searchable electronic dissertation archive, a students-only Career Opportunities microsite and a College forum.

The Library also maintains a host of links to online medical, complementary-healthcare and scientific resources such as PubMed and AMed.

BCOM degree students are also students of our affiliated universities and therefore have access to their electronic learning resources including library catalogues, learning tools, the University intranet, and online journal-access platform.



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