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Find out about the careers our students have pursued after graduation.

Charlotte Goodwin
Charlotte graduated from BCOM in 2015 with a Masters in Osteopathy and now works as an osteopath in Hong Kong.
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Andrew Georgiou
After graduating from BCOM in 2015 Andrew is now at medical school training to become a doctor.
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 Patrick Gauthier
 International student Patrick
 Gauthier graduated in 2015.
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Nick Aston
2015 Graduate Nick found the caring, close community of BCOM very important in helping him with studying to be an osteopath.
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  James di Cicco
 Since graduating from the Masters
 in Osteopathy course at BCOM,
 James’s career as an osteopath has
 taken off in a big way. He now
 works as an osteopath at a busy
 Essex practice and has started up his
 own clinic. Read more

 Tom Hewetson 
 Tom’s distinguished career in
 osteopathic sports care has
 included working as osteopath
 at the London 2012 Olympics
 and Paralympics. Read more


 Daniel Winfield
 Daniel was the prize winner for Best
 Naturopathic Research project in his
 final year...
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  Tracy Hannigan
  Tracy graduated in 2012, and is now
  running her own practice in West London ...
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 The Cram Family
 Two generations of the family meeting
 at the College.
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Sara Randall
After becoming a Midwife in 2002 I became inspired and motivated to continue my professional studies.
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Kate Lockwood
Practicing Osteopath, and Chair of the
Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice, 2011.
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Byung-ho Kim
Studying for my M.Ost at BCOM has been the most important turning point in my life. Read more



 Stephania Humphrey
My experience at BCOM was an extremely
 positive one.
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 Dianne Tayles
 Dianne, began her career in banking.
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 James Raiher
 James originally studied for a degree
 in sociology.
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 Steven Graham
 Since graduating with the M.Ost from
 BCOM, Steven hasn’t looked back.
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 Steve Makinde 
Steve graduated from BCOM in
 2004 and returned as a member
 of academic staff. Read more 

Christian Di Giorgio
Christian says that osteopathy
is the perfect career.
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