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BSc (Hons) Osteopathy modules


Research Methodology (15 credits)

This module is designed to equip students with the necessary research skills, tools and methods to be able to write a protocol and ethics application  that in turn leads into a formal research project. The protocol is assessed for its feasibility. Data handling techniques are introduced and experience is gained with basic statistical software packages. The assessment component gives students practical experience of critically analysing published literature, analysing and interpreting statistical data. Protocol writing assesses students ability to design a valid research project in preparation for undertaking their research paper.


Advances in Osteopathic Medicine (15 credits)

The module is designed to encourage and develop a reflective review of recent advances In Osteopathic Medicine. The benefits of an extension to the evidence base to osteopathic medicine will be explored. Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the impact of advances in osteopathic medicine in clinical practice, including issues relating to ethics and medico-legal matters.


Reflective Practice (30 credits - double module)

This module explores and consolidates the student's experience and understanding of professional practice by using methods of audit, clinical reflection and interactive discussional skills.  A mixed assessment strategy is used to assess a variety of skills associated with the audit of and reflection upon experience of clinical practice including written reflective practice log, case review and viva voce.


Research Project (30 credits – double module)

This module is integral to how the course’s core function of an academic top up to an honours degree is assessed and meets QAA criteria. The analytical and integrative skills required to produce the paper equal the standard for a BSc (Hons). The project will involve the formulation and testing of an experimental hypothesis, data analysis and a relevant discussion.  Students undertake research in an area of their choosing.  The culmination of this is the production of a research paper.  Students are examined on their understanding of their own research and its context in the wider scientific community via combination of literature review, presentation and written research paper.


Assessments and Assessment Timetable

Since this is an academic degree the modules outlined above all carry an assessment load comprising of various course works and projects as well as a viva in the Reflective Practice Module and a presentation in the Research Module.  The methods and timetable for the assessments will be distributed on the first day of the Block 1 teaching week.


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