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How BCOM can help assist your research ideas

  • Let your research ideas come to fruition and gain CPD hours.
  • Learn how to undertake research at your own pace with or without a resulting qualification.
  • Update your D.O.qualification to a B.Sc. Hons degree by attending BCOM's Conversion Course or learn at a distance with our new course, which is currently being organised. Please contact the College to express your interest.
  • If you wish to do research but are not interested in obtaining a qualification, submit your research idea to BCOM's research department who will help you create a feasible study.
  • Whatever your situation, if you have a research based idea or question we can help.

Future CPD Questionnaire 

We have just reached the end of the first year for required CPD for osteopaths. A future BCOM project aims to investigate CPD undertaken by practising osteopaths and their views on the process. A questionnaire will be posted on our website, and all osteopaths are invited to reply.


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