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Undergraduate Programmes at BCOM

Most BCOM undergraduates enrol on its Masters in Osteopathy degree, a four-year integrated undergraduate masters degree, designed to take osteopathic students from ordinary undergraduate enrolment into Year 1 right through to masters-level research and clinical expertise at the end of Year 4. Integrated masters degrees are innovative programmes increasingly sought after in high-level professional disciplines. Graduates of the M.Ost programme are eligible to register to practise Osteopathy in the UK with the General Osteopathic Council. This degree is validated by the Plymouth University.

Find Out About the Masters in Osteopathy

If you already know about the M.Ost, find out how to apply here.

BCOM also offers two separate, self-validated osteopathic diplomas. As these are of historical significance within the profession, graduates of the Masters in Osteopathy also receive these diplomas at the end of their studies. These each denote clinical competence and ability to register in their respective professions:

Diploma in Osteopathy

Diploma in Naturopathy



Applicants should note that the College is operational for 51 weeks per year. The academic year is three terms of 12 weeks during a 36-week year in Years One and Two and a 45-week year in Years Three and Four. There will be clinical training outside term times in Years Three and Four.






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