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Diploma in Osteopathy

The Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.) is a four-year full-time programme which is internally validated by the College. 

It may run parallel to a BCOM degree validated through Plymouth University and be awarded simultaneously with a degree-level award such as the Masters in Osteopathy, but these awards are not mutually interdependent. 

The BCOM D.O. is a historically significant award within the UK osteopathic education sector, having produced thousands of osteopaths over many years of continuous provision and that is one of several reasons why we continue to award it to our Masters in Osteopathy students.

There are many shared elements and consistencies between the two programmes but they are not identical pathways and have some different assessment processes and outcomes. 

The D.O. is accredited in its own right by the General Osteopathic Council. Graduation from the Masters in Osteopathy will give eligibility to register with the Council in its own right.

Modules of study include: Principles of Osteopathy; Anatomy; Physiology; Osteopathic Technique; Soft-Tissue Techniques; Pathology; Nutrition; Diagnosis; Exercise Physiologyy, Orthopaedics and Traumatology; Psychology; Pathology; Paediatrics; among others.

The clinical teaching, standards and time requirements are the same as for the Masters in Osteopathy.

Diploma in Osteopathy Syllabus

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