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Current Vacancies

BCOM is currently recruiting for:

  1. Lecturer in Physiology & Exercise Physiology / Sports Science - Application deadline, midnight, 23/07/17
  2. Osteopathy and Clinic Tutor - Application deadline, midnight, 30/07/17
  3. Research Ethics Committee - Honorary Member - Application deadline, midnight, 11/06/17

 Please click on the link against each advertised vacancy to see the details of that vacancy

Please contact Ms Rakhi Pai in HR department for any further information 

Application Process / Form

Please fill in the Employment Application Form, quoting the job reference number and submit it to
HR Department, British College of Osteopathic Medicine, Lief House, 120-122 Finchley Road, London NW3 5HR Or email the HR Department before the closing date

.pdf format  - Employment Application Form

.doc format  - Employment Application Form

  Please contact Ms Rakhi Pai, HR & Training Manager, for any further information.


Osteopathic & Clinic Tutoring

BCOM always wishes to hear from osteopaths interested in working in osteopathic education, especially fractional technique teaching and clinic tutoring. All faculty at BCOM are employed on a contractual basis which includes holidays and various other staff benefits. Remuneration is based upon length of proposed contract (39 or 52 weeks) qualifications and previous experience.

If you are interested in an osteopathic or clinic tutoring position, in the first instance, please contact Mr Manoj Mehta, Head of Osteopathy or Ms Rakhi Pai, HR & Training Manager.



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