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BCOM has an international reputation for academic and research excellence

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Changes in both healthcare and education have revealed exciting opportunities for the osteopathic profession.

In recognition of this increased demand, we are developing and expanding educational pathways, unlocking options for flexible study and innovative, and topical learning experiences. This will ensure our graduates are ready to embrace the new and wider opportunities evolving within the profession.

With this drive, BCOM and ESO have united together under the parent company British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy (BCNO Limited). This is a historic moment for both institutions and we are truly grateful for the talent and wealth of experience each team brings. Together, our strengths, passions and expertise will offer all stakeholders greater choice and opportunity.

BCNO will provide a student and patient-centric culture, working in pursuit of excellence through research and respect for creativity and innovation to prepare our graduates for an exciting career in osteopathy.

Whilst both BCOM and ESO will continue to operate as they are, in separate campuses in London (BCOM) and Kent (ESO), students studying at each campus will also have access to the following:

· Study materials at each campus including online learning resources and research publications

· It will be possible to move from one campus to another for an academic year when studying a Masters in Osteopathy from September 2022, so you can experience both fantastic locations and get the experience of working in different clinical settings

· An even wider osteopathic network during your time as a student and once you graduate

· Access to continuing professional development (CPD) at each campus with student and alumni discounts available

· The student community at each campus, which will also come together online for the sharing of study tips and for social activities

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