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Places available in Clearing 2020

There are limited places available on our undergraduate Masters in Osteopathy degree course.

Contact our Clearing Admissions Team

Call 020 7435 6464
Email clearing@bcom.ac.uk

Please read the ‘Advice for Clearing’ and ‘Guide to Clearing’ below for information on how to apply to BCOM through Clearing.

  • Advice for Clearing
    • 1. Contact our Clearing Admissions Team

      Call 0207 435 6464
      Email clearing@bcom.ac.uk

      Please ensure that you have your 10 digit UCAS Personal ID number when you contact us.

      Don't have a UCAS application? Visit UCAS to apply

      BCOM welcomes mature applicants, contact our Admissions Team for assistance.

      2. Interviews play an integral part in the admissions process at BCOM

      Applicants with relevant qualifications will be invited for an interview. Successful applicants will be given an offer at the end of their interview.

      For applicants awaiting A-level results, interviews will start from Friday 16 August 2019 onwards.

      Interview appointments are currently available for applicants who already have their results.

      3. Receiving and Accepting an Offer

      If you have been offered a place at BCOM and would like to accept, you need to click the 'Add Clearing choice' button through UCAS Track and enter BCOM's M.Ost Course Code: B312

      The college will then send you information about starting your course.

      Enrolment at BCOM takes place on 16 September 2019.

      4. Have not applied through UCAS yet?

      Don't  worry if you have not applied through UCAS this year, simply call our Clearing Admissions Team for advice on how to apply.

      5. Adjustment

      The College will consider applicants in Adjustment. If you are seeking a place through Adjustment you should make this clear when you first contact us.

      Contact UCAS for advice on Adjustment


  • Guide to Clearing
    • Places are available in Clearing for the Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree course at BCOM.

      You can use Clearing if you:

      • Have not applied for a course through UCAS
      • Applied through UCAS after 30 June
      • Didn't receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept)
      • Didn't meet the conditions of your offers

      Eligible clearing applicants will receive a Clearing Number displayed on the welcome and choices section in Track and the 'Add Clearing choice' button will also appear. Only add your Clearing choice once you have received an offer from an institution.

      All Clearing Vacancies are listed on the UCAS website.

      BCOM hold interviews for the Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree course, successful applicants will be told if they have achieved a place on the course at the completion of the interview.

      Contacting the Course Provider

      • You can contact the course provider directly to discuss course vacancies. Give the course provider your Clearing number, and Personal ID number which will allow them to see your application online.
      • If you are offered a place you want to accept, enter the provider and course details in Track. Only courses that have vacancies can be entered in Track. Your details are sent to your Clearing choice (institution) and a decision is made. Track will then be updated with this decision.
      • If an unsuccessful decision is received you can add another choice.
      • Applicants who do not have access to Track can phone UCAS on 0371 468 0468.

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