Osteopathic Consultations for £15

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Osteopathic Consultations for £15

BCCM Clinic will be offering Osteopathic Consultations for only £15 on 6 and 7 June 2018 as part of our student exams. Please contact the BCOM Clinic to book your […]

Posted: May, 11, 2018

Osteopathic Consultations for £15

BCOM Clinic will be offering Osteopathic Consultations for only £15 on 7 and 8 June 2017 as part of our student exams. To book your appointment, please contact Clinic Reception. […]

Posted: May, 17, 2017

Holistic Osteopathy at BCOM

At BCOM our treatment focuses on a holistic or naturopathic approach to osteopathic care. Patients are given advice on prevention and self-help to aid their recovery and overall wellbeing. Our […]

Posted: Feb, 28, 2017

BCOM Celebrates 80th Anniversary

The 2016/17 Academic year marked BCOM’s 80th Anniversary since being established in 1936 by Stanley Lief, the renowned naturopathic osteopath who also founded the Champneys spa. Since its formation BCOM […]

Posted: Jan, 23, 2017

Test your fitness with a BodPod assessment

Book a BodPod session at BCOM to assess the effectiveness of your diet, exercise and weight loss programme. To make an appointment please call 0207 472 5841 or email db@bcom.ac.uk

Posted: Jan, 12, 2017
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