Clearing 2017

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Clearing 2017

Clearing Hotline 020 7435 6464 Email Our Admissions Team are here to help guide you through Clearing and answer your questions if you’re awaiting A Level results. At BCOM […]

Posted: Aug, 16, 2017

BCOM Recycling Update

Well done to staff and students for supporting our commitment to the environment.  In the year to July 2017 BCOM recycled 100% of its waste, saved 125 trees and 15 […]

Posted: Aug, 09, 2017

UCAS Clearing is open

Applicants for the Undergraduate Masters in Osteopathy Degree at BCOM starting in September 2017 will now be entered into Clearing. There are places available, for further information on how to […]

Posted: Jul, 05, 2017

BCOM Student Triathlon Champion

BCOM student Brittany Tate has won 5 triathlons including the British and English Sprint Championships. She has achieved this whilst studying for her Masters in Osteopathy degree. Brittany also came […]

Posted: Jul, 04, 2017

BCOM research listed in ‘most influential articles of 2016’

A BCOM research paper by Principal, Dr Kerstin Rolfe, Head of Osteopathy, Manoj Mehta and plastic surgeon Olivier Branford has been listed in the most influential articles of 2016 for […]

Posted: Jun, 13, 2017

Year 4 FCC Exams

Well done to our Year 4 students who all passed their FCC exams, achieving a 100% pass rate for this cohort.

Posted: Jun, 13, 2017

BCOM students support runners at the London Marathon

Sunday 23rd April saw runners take to the closed streets of London to complete the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. A team of 11 BCOM students were at hand to […]

Posted: May, 10, 2017
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