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About Us

Our osteopathic teaching clinic offers dedicated osteopathic care by clinical Masters students under the supervision of experienced Registered Osteopaths.

At BCOM Clinic we are renowned for providing affordable osteopathic care and our unique holistic or naturopathic approach to osteopathy. We offer treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions. The well-established clinic offers approximately 11,000 patient appointments each year. Patients of all ages come to BCOM Clinic for treatment of a wide variety of conditions.

When contacting the clinic, we will offer you an appointment at the earliest opportunity. We also offer health screening including fitness assessments, BodPod assessments and bone scans at our research clinics based at our Finchley Road site.

At BCOM, we take a naturopathic approach to health, which means we focus on helping you improve your overall health, as well as your muscle or joint pain.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy utilises manual therapy and a range of non-invasive techniques to provide pain relief and rehabilitation. This aims to improve the mobility of your joints and relieve tension in the muscles to enable it to heal more effectively. Using manual therapy, health advice and sometimes exercise, tailored to the needs of the individual, people of all ages see osteopaths. Osteopaths are highly trained healthcare professionals, with a four year degree, and are experts in the musculoskeletal (MSK) system – that is the muscles, joints and associated tissues and their relationship with other systems of the body.

Osteopathy is popular amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts, as it provides muscle and joint pain relief and helps to increase mobility. It can also be highly effective for those with age-related concerns, people requiring rehabilitation following an accident or those suffering with back pain from working in an office environment.

Osteopathy can alleviate pain and help with a range of conditions and concerns, from sporting injuries, postural problems, and hip or joint aches, to digestive problems, migraines and rheumatic pain. The focus of osteopathic treatment is to handle the root cause of your symptoms, to reduce pain and discomfort and improve your overall wellbeing. The benefits of osteopathy include improved bodily functions and mobility, a regular and more restful sleep pattern, increased energy levels, a reduction in stress and muscle tension, and a positive impact on your mood.

Osteopathy at BCOM

Our osteopathic teaching clinic offers dedicated osteopathic care by clinical Masters level students under the supervision of a range of highly experienced Registered Osteopaths.

We offer a dedicated service to patients across north London to treat musculoskeletal conditions, whether in a preventative capacity or to treat an injury or ongoing condition. At the BCOM Clinic, we provide high quality osteopathic care that takes a holistic approach to your condition.

Our clinic is based off Finchley Road in South Hampstead with good public transport links,  putting us in the perfect location to treat patients across London. It is easily accessible being situated just a few minutes’ walk away from Finchley Road tube station which is on the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines and is served by a number of bus routes. The closest overground station is Finchley Road & Frognal station which is a few minutes’ walk from the clinic.

To book an appointment, use the form on the right to request a call back from a member of the team.

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  • Naturopathic Osteopathy at BCOM
    • Our philosophy of Naturopathic Osteopathic Medicine focuses on disease prevention by taking into account your unique physical make-up and lifestyle factors such as diet, posture, exercise and stress management.

      Our osteopathic treatment is based on a holistic philosophy which is suitable for a wide range of conditions. Treatment may involve massage and gentle joint manipulation. We also aim to optimise your health with self-care lifestyle advice including diet, exercise, stress management, posture, and hydrotherapy. 96% of BCOM Clinic patients are given self care advice for their condition and 88% are given preventative advice.

      Supporting our patients to enable them to gain the most from their treatment is vital to our ethos. We aim to put you in control of your health and to help you prevent reoccurrence of the problem.

      Patients receive a tailor-made package of care and the gentleness of the treatment makes it ideal for all age ranges, from children to the elderly.

  • Clinic Policies
    • BCOM is committed to the provision of a high standard of care to patients attending its out-patient teaching clinics. Our student practitioners provide care under supervision from qualified and registered osteopaths.

      BCOM welcomes all comments about the services we offer in our out-patient teaching clinics and therefore patients can make comments and suggestions either by submitting  a feedback form in the ‘Feedback box’ available in the clinic reception or by contacting a member of the clinic administration. Feedback from patients is considered by both BCOM clinic administration and the Patient Forum, and appropriate actions are taken.

      We accept and very much regret that on rare occasion the service we give may not be to an individual's satisfaction or expectation. Consequently if you are unhappy with the standard of care you have received we would like to hear about it and recognise that it may be important for you to make a complaint. We take all complaints seriously and have an established process and procedures to deal with complaints in an efficient and timely manner.

      Making a complaint

      1. Informal complaint
        Service Users may be dissatisfied with certain aspects of their visit to BCOM clinic and may prefer to share these concerns informally with their student-practitioner, supervising tutor, clinic reception staff or any member of BCOM staff. It is expected that majority of these cases will be resolved amicably with this informal approach.
      2. Formal Complaint
        If the matter cannot be resolved through informal discussions or the level of dissatisfaction is high, Service Users will be requested to express their dissatisfaction, in writing, to BCOM Clinic Administration.

      Prior to making a complaint, we recommend that you read BCOM’s Complaints Procedure. BCOM’s complaints procedure outlines the process BCOM uses to deal with any patient complaints.

      You may obtain the Complaints Procedure and the Complaints Form either via:

      • By contacting BCOM Clinic Reception. Please ask a member of clinic reception or call 020 7 435 7830 or e-mail
      • By downloading: Complaint Form
      • By writing to BCOM Complaints Department, BCOM, 6 Netherhall Gardens, London NW3 5RR

      If you need any help with any part of this process, please do not hesitate ask any member of BCOM’s Clinic staff who will be happy to help you.

      Data Protection Policy  - BCOM Clinic complies with data protection and access to medical records legislation.

      BCOM Chaperone Policy

      Patient Record Access Request Form

      Information for  Patients regarding DataProtection and Request for Access to Patient Notes

      BCOM Clinic Privacy Notice

      Adult Safeguarding Policy

      Zero Tolerance to Abusive or Aggressive Behaviour Policy

      BCOM Clinic Cancellation Policy


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