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BodPod Body Composition System

Those looking to monitor the effectiveness of their training or weight loss programmes should consider having a BodPod body composition measurement at BCOM.

The impact of excess fat on health and athletic performance is important and may be masked by an apparently healthy weight. Athletes may be more concerned with increasing overall lean mass which can  also be tracked using the BodPod .

The BodPod measures body fat percentage and lean mass, including calculation of estimated total energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate. It is used to accurately and efficiently measure body mass.

Users sit comfortably in the BodPod chamber for two short readings , while the volume of air displaced by the body is measured. This, together with an accurate weight reading is used to calculate body fat percentage.

On average women should have less than 32% body fat and men less than 20% to be considered healthy.

Want to enhance your BodPod Assessment?

Given body mass and composition is a product of both energy intake (nutrition) and energy expenditure, you may also be interested in our Resting metabolic rate (RMR) assessment, or undertake one of our student-led basic nutrition consultations (additional costs apply for these assessments).

Availability, Booking and Fees

Live availability and online booking for BodPod assessments can be made via ‘You Can Book Me’. Alternatively please email Will Gowers and we will accommodate your request as best as possible.

BodPod assessments cost £40 which includes an electronic report following the assessment. Click here to see an example report.

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