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Fitness Assessments

At BCOM we have set up a range of fitness assessments compatible with different fitness goals. Regular fitness testing can objectively measure the effectiveness of exercise programs and can possibly save months or even years of hard work.

Fitness assessments are available at the BCOM’s Physiology Laboratory at Lief House just across the road from Finchley Road Tube Station.

For further information and to make an appointment please contact Daphne Bird on 0207 472 5841 or email

Further information and prices


  • Human Performance Laboratory
    • The Human Performance Laboratory, which opened in 1997 is the hub of BCOM’s research and many BCOM students use these advanced facilities during their research work.

      Research Laboratories Equipment

      • RS Scan foot scan to measure static and dynamic balance
      • Electromyograph to measure electrical activity in muscles
      • Digitalmyograph to digitally map muscular strength resistance
      • Cubaclinical to digitally map and monitor bone density
      • Portable Spirometer to digitally measure lung function
      • BodPod whole-body-composition digital analysis
      • Cortex to measure respiratory function
      • Cybex Norm to measure isometric and isokinetic body function
      • Laser Doppler to digitally monitor peripheral bloodflow
      • Back Range and Cervical Range protractors
      • Treadmill
      • Exercise Bikes
      • Blood Pressure Monitors
      • Skin-fold Callipers
      • Fastrak 3D tracker system


  • Hydrotherapy Suite
    • The Hydrotherapy suite is within the Human Performance Laboratory but is a self-contained unit in its own suite of specially constructed wet and dry rooms. This facility contains a range of baths and showers to enable students to examine in detail the effects of hydrotherapy. Changes in blood flow and muscle function can be determined using the Laser Doppler and Cybex equipment.

      The Hydrotherapy Suite is used for teaching and research purposes. A number of student dissertations have centred around the use of hydrotherapy and presentations at international conferences have been published along with papers in peer reviewed journals.

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