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Lung function Testing (spirometry)

Spirometry is a simple test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions (such as asthma) by measuring how much air you can breathe out in one forced breath. If you have difficulty breathing at rest, this test may provide objective evidence that you warrant further investigation with your GP for a lung condition.

Key outcomes we obtain are Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Forced Expiratory Volume in One second (FEV1) and Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF).

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Availability, Booking and Fees

Live availability and online booking for Spirometry assessments can be made via ‘You Can Book Me’. Alternatively please email Will Gowers and we will accommodate your request as best as possible.

Spirometry assessments cost £20 which includes an electronic report following the assessment. Click here to see an example report.




















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