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Resting Metabolic rate assessment

An understanding of your energy needs provides a sound scientific basis for any weight loss or maintenance plan. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) represents the total amount of energy used by the body when at rest.

During measurement of RMR, you will rest for a 45-minute period on a massage couch, wearing a mask attached to our Cortex Metalyser. The Cortex device is a gas analyser which measures the oxygen and carbon dioxide content of exhaled air. Because the ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide is altered depending upon the amount of energy used, and the amount of fat and carbohydrate providing that energy, the unit is a useful tool for objective measurement of RMR. This can then be matched with your energy intake if you are wishing to lose, maintain or gain weight.


It is necessary to fast during the 12 hours prior to RMR testing, and to avoid exercise during the 24 hours prior to testing. In addition, alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and smoking should also be avoided during the 24 hours before the test. This all helps ensure that metabolic rate is close to its true resting value.

Additional Assessment?

This test combines well with our Bod Pod body composition assessment to get an accurate representation of your body fat percentage before commencing a training or dietary plan. In addition, you may be interesting in our specialist student led nutrition clinic.

Availability, Booking and Fees

Live availability and online booking for RMR assessments can be made via ‘You Can Book Me’. Alternatively please email Will Gowers and we will accommodate your request as best as possible.

RMR assessments cost £60 which includes an electronic report following the assessment.

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