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Nutrition Clinic

We have now opened a dedicated Nutrition Clinic on a Friday afternoon at 2.15pm which is supervised by our Lecturers in Nutrition and where our students analyse your food intake and discuss with you how improved nutrition can be used to optimise your health. Appointments are currently only £14.50 for a nutritional consultation.

For further details or to book a consultation, please call our Clinic Reception on 0207 435 7830 or email us on .

Nutritionist Clinic

Our nutrition clinic in London is offering a consultation and follow up appointment at a very reasonable price to individuals interested in embracing a healthier way of eating. This is a great way to taking a simple step in improving your health. All too often health goals seem overwhelming and knowing where to start can be a significant barrier to making the change. In addition, the media is full of conflicting and confusing information which makes it very difficult to know what advice to follow. This consultation and follow-up are designed to give you simple steps to starting that process.

We will analyse your diet and lifestyle to identify areas where you can optimise your nutrient intake for better health, energy levels and general wellbeing. We will work with you to set goals and discuss the best way to take the next steps to improve your health. We will meet you where you are at with regards to your nutritional understanding, budget and current food habits, and will not impose unrealistic changes that look good on paper but are impossible to implement in real life. The follow-up appointment is to check how well you have managed with our suggestions and assist you where you may have struggled, or facilitate you where you have succeeded to make further changes.

To find out more or book an appointment with our nutrition clinic in London, contact us today or book online.

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