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Performing Arts Clinic

We are offering all performing arts students and staff one free consultation and two free treatments. A consultation takes up to 60-70 minutes and treatments are 30 minutes long. To book an appointment click here. 

As a whole-body therapy specialising in muscle and joint care, osteopathy can enhance performance and help with injury prevention and recovery, letting you focus on your art.

The performing arts can place unique demands on the body. Supervising tutors in the BCOM Clinic have specialist knowledge and understanding of this. We aim to deliver excellent outcomes by taking a whole-body approach, in line with the College’s naturopathic principles.

Set within a research-led, teaching institution, the Clinic offers treatments at less than half the price of those typically charged in private practice. We are also able to offer very low concessionary rates for students and those on income support.

Performing Arts Injury Clinic

From our dance injury clinic in north London, our talented osteopaths treat a range of musculoskeletal injuries and offer advice to prevent future issues from arising. From musicians and dancers to actors in physical roles, there are many career paths within this sector that can be prone to injury. Osteopathy can help with the diagnosis of injuries and assessing the right treatment for those concerns to minimise pain and discomfort, and aid healing.

Our performing arts injury specialists have the knowledge and experience to help treat a variety of concerns, from muscle tightness and joint pain to stress and mental wellbeing, headache and migraines, circulatory problems and more. Our team are passionate about the care of performers of all disciplines, and we strive to promote a holistic approach to health care to take into account all factors that may influence how a patient responds to treatment.

Performers tend to push their bodies to the limit, which can result in stress on the body and a heightened risk of injury. Performers tend to respond well to osteopathic treatment, whether it’s postural adjustments, rehabilitation exercises or joint or muscle manipulation, to improve overall wellbeing. We will work closely with you to understand the pressures of your work and how it may impact your body to devise a treatment plan that suits your requirements and specific concerns, whether those are existing symptoms or preventative.

Osteopathy can be a great tool for performers, not only to address problems with pain caused by injuries or stress on the body, but also to deliver guidance to maintain healthy mobility and injury prevention. This can help performers to avoid problems from arising but also to enhance their performances for a successful and lasting career.

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