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Paediatric, Maternity & Postnatal Clinic

BCOM’s Paediatric, Maternity & Postnatal Clinic offers tailored and holistic treatment, to enhance your family’s wellness.

Our clinic is very welcoming and friendly. The very gentleness of osteopathic treatment makes it ideal for children and parents.

This clinic is open to all children aged 2 weeks to 17 years old, pregnant patients and patients on maternity leave (up to 6 months after birth).

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children at all stages of development; we will assess your child to see what might help. For pregnant patients and patients on maternity leave, we advise on postural changes during pregnancy and after birth.

All children’s treatments are given by senior clinical Masters students under the supervision of a qualified and Registered Osteopath.

Price List

FREE for all children under 18
FREE for all pregnant patients
£14.50 for patients on maternity leave

Treatments Price List


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