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Sports Clinic

As a whole-body therapy specialising in muscle and joint care, osteopathy can restore performance and help with injury prevention and recovery.

Set within a research-led, teaching institution, the specialist clinic is suitable for both professional and amateur sports people. With experience treating athletes at the London Olympics and supporting participants at the London Marathon and Ride London events, our teaching faculty has a wealth of experience.

Our naturopathic approach can address many factors that influence performance including nutrition, sleep patterns and stress.

Sports Injury Clinic

A sports Osteopath is trained to identify, diagnose and treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions related to sports injuries. Based in our sporting injury clinic in London, our team have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and we can diagnose the issue and create a dedicated treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms or prevent injuries. From recent sports injuries, running, tennis and golf injuries as well as accidents, to ongoing conditions that cause daily discomfort, osteopathy can be used to treat a variety of problems of all different intensities.

The way we move during sports can put excessive load on certain joints and body tissues, which can generate pain or cause injury. By decreasing the load on these tissues through altering the body’s biomechanics, or using rehabilitation to improve load tolerance, you can treat your symptoms and reduce pain. Whether you’re treating a persistent injury, or you want to prevent an issue from returning, osteopathy can be effective in helping your body heal. From professional athletes and amateur sportspeople to sports enthusiasts and hobbyists, our teaching faculty have worked with people of all sporting backgrounds and are well-equipped to help you treat your sport injury concerns.

Our knowledgeable osteopaths will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your needs, depending on the issue and area of the body you’re trying to treat and devise a programme to suit the severity of the issue. This may be a single appointment every few months to keep symptoms at bay or a more regular course of appointments for more severe conditions.

From physical therapy and deep tissue massage to joint manipulation to improve mobility and muscle stretching to minimise the risk of injuries occurring, we provide a host of treatments from our sporting injury clinic in London. Our treatments help sportspeople perform at their best by maintaining optimal mobility and utilising techniques aimed to promote recovery after exercise or training. Call us today to find out more or book an appointment online to visit our clinic.

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