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MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic

For the assessment of musculoskeletal disorders.

The ultrasound clinic is run on Mondays (9 am – 12 pm) and Thursdays (4 pm – 7 pm) fortnightly. Appointments last approximately 30 minutes.

A written report will be sent out to the referring clinician, usually within 7 working days of the consultation. The referring clinician is welcome to attend the consultation with the patient, or a chaperone may be provided by BCOM.

The price for BCOM referred patients is £75 and for externally referred patients it is £85.


To book an appointment or find out more, call 0207 435 7830, or email

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging method (involving no radiation) that can produce dynamic images of internal bodily structures, using sound waves. It allows the medical professional to move the anatomical structure and access its mechanism of injury, unlike MRI, CT, or X-ray. The images provide a valuable insight into internal structures and can be used to diagnose and direct treatment for an array of conditions and diseases, with great accuracy.

Ultrasound is a reliable method for finding the source of pain by checking muscles, ligaments and tendons. This makes it ideal for identifying soft tissue injuries or problems and ensuring the best treatment is provided. The scans are performed by a registered osteopath fully qualified in MSK Ultrasound. Ultimately, the patient will benefit from a wealth of osteopathic knowledge when diagnosing the problem, in comparison to receiving just a scan.

Who and what is it for?

Our ultrasound clinic is particularly suitable for those with the wear and tear of soft tissue, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. It is recommended for any referred patients above the age of ten. All patients at the BCOM Clinic may be referred directly through their student practitioner, or externally by  GPs or other medical professionals.  Please note that this clinic is not currently suitable for babies or pregnant women. Areas that are scanned include:

    • shoulder
    • hip
    • elbow
    • knee
    • ankle
    • wrist
    • hand

Referral Form

A referral form will need to be completed by the patient’s clinician. Please download the referral form and email the completed form to

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