"High quality affordable osteopathic care"

Price List

BCOM Clinic is a charity and we keep our prices as low as possible. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is expensive and we have therefore decided to add £1.50 to the cost of each standard/concessionary appointment. This does not cover all our costs but will help us to keep offering free and concessionary appointments to those who need them. Payments by debit/credit card will be taken over the phone We thank you for your understanding.

Our new price list is as follows:

 Standard Consultation (face to face)   £26.50
Concessionary Consultation (face to face)   £14.50
Online standard consultation (via video)   £20.00
 Online concessionary consultation (via video)   £10.00
 Nutritional consultation   £10.00
 Under 18s   FREE
 Pregnant Women   FREE
 Over 65s  £14.50 (face to face)         £10.00 (video)
Over 65s on Pension Credit  FREE

Health Screening

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