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What to Expect

What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is a system of healthcare which takes a whole-body or holistic approach to treatment. We treat many musculoskeletal problems with both hands-on treatment and lifestyle or exercise advice. To find out more about osteopathy and what osteopaths do click here.


What is BCOM?
BCOM is the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. We are one of the largest osteopathic clinics in the country, offering over 20,000 treatment sessions per year. We are an outpatient teaching clinic attached to an osteopathic training college, which means that you will be treated by a student practitioner under the supervision of an experienced and fully qualified Registered Osteopath. To find out more click here

What will your first appointment involve?
Your first appointment will be between 60 and 90 minutes. You will be asked to give a full and detailed medical history, so that we can understand the cause of your symptoms and whether it is safe for you to be treated here.

You will then be asked to undress, usually to your underwear, so that we can assess your body as a whole. You will be asked to do some movements so that we can see how your body moves and we will usually do some further examination to decide what the problem is.

When we have finished the examination, we will tell you whether we can help you or not. We will decide, with you, on the best course of treatment.

  • If we can help, you will be offered a course of treatment
  • If your problem is not suitable for osteopathic treatment, or if we need further information before we can treat you, we will write to your GP to tell them this, with your permission.

What will a follow up visit involve?
Follow up treatments last a minimum of 30 minutes. Some patients only need one or two treatments; others may need a course of treatment. We will explain this to your at your first visit but often plans will change as your body responds to treatment. We aim to reduce your symptoms and give you advice to manage the problem at home. If this is not successful, we will refer you back to your GP to try another form of treatment.

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BCOM Clinic Cancellation Policy

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