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BCOM was delighted to welcome former BCOM graduates Anisha Joshi and Annie Osborne to speak to our Year 4 students about “how to curate your osteopathy career to allow you to achieve your osteopathic goals and your personal goals.”

Anisha and Annie spoke about their personal experience of studying at BCOM and the tools that the Masters in Osteopathy course had given them to practise osteopathy.

Commenting Anisha said,

“I chose BCOM because I felt really at home here. Now that I have owned my clinic for 10 years, I have interviewed many graduates and have seen the massive difference between BCOM graduates and graduates of other institutions in terms of how much information they know, how confident they become and just how authentic they are to themselves. I really recommend BCOM and it has had a huge impact on my career, my dreams and making them come true.”

Commenting Annie said,

“I graduated in 2019 and since then I have opened my own clinic and also work in another clinic. BCOM has given me such a fantastic foundation of knowledge. It has taken my dream of wanting to help people and transformed it into a career that I love. BCOM gives you all the tools that you need to smash your career and have a profession that you are passionate about. I highly recommend BCOM to anyone that wants to study osteopathy.”

Jemma Sager, BCOM’s Head of Clinic stated,

“We were delighted that Anisha and Annie came back to BCOM to inspire the next generation of BCOM graduates. Their enthusiasm, drive and success will encourage current and future students for many years to come.”

Date Posted: 27/02/2020 | Posted In: College News

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