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Holistic Osteopathy at BCOM

At BCOM our treatment focuses on a holistic or naturopathic approach to osteopathic care.

Patients are given advice on prevention and self-help to aid their recovery and overall wellbeing.

Our osteopathic treatment is based on a holistic system of healthcare for a wide range of conditions and treatment may involve massage and gentle joint manipulation. Treatment follow-up may include self care advice on diet, stress management, posture, hydrotherapy and exercise. 96% of BCOM Clinic patients are taught self care for their condition and 88% are taught methods to aid in prevention of a condition where applicable.

Supporting our patients to enable them to gain the most from their treatment is vital to our ethos. We aim to put the patient in control of their health and assist in preventing reoccurrence of the problem.

For further information please contact BCOM Clinic on 020 7435 7830 or email appointments@bcom.ac.uk

Date Posted: 28/02/2017 | Posted In: College News, Clinic News

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