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New whiteboards at BCOM

BCOM is pleased to announce that brand new interactive whiteboards have been installed in the college lecture rooms, research laboratory and library.  The new SMART kapp boards were sponsored by Plymouth University following a successful bid for funding by Dr Kerstin Rolfe, BCOM’s principal.

Students will now be able to instantly download lecture notes from the new whiteboards. Designed to replace old-fashioned dry-erase boards and flipcharts, the new interactive boards are as easy and intuitive to use as their predecessors.  Our students can now transfer what’s written on the board to any device, share this content in real-time via the mobile application to anyone, anywhere in the world, and capture and save anything written or drawn on the board in JPEG or PDF format, in the cloud or to USB.

Date Posted: 15/11/2017 | Posted In: College News

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