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Oliver Baker joins the iO Student Council

Oliver Baker, third year BCOM student, has joined the Institute of Osteopathy (iO) Student Council which aims to discuss the support that students are seeking to enable them to have successful careers as osteopaths.

The Institute of Osteopathy is the professional membership body for osteopaths, representing two thirds of osteopaths and over half of the undergraduate students training to be osteopaths in the United Kingdom.

Commenting Oliver Baker said “I grew up in a family of osteopaths and with an osteopathic clinic in my home. I joined the iO Student Council as I am determined to develop the osteopathic modality of healing, and I would like to be as involved as possible in disseminating awareness of the profession. I hope that one day in the future, going to your local osteopath will be as common as a trip ot the GP.”

For more information on the work of the iO click here

Date Posted: 20/10/2021 | Posted In: College News

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