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Important Message for BCOM Clinic Patients – updated 5/11/20

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Important Message for BCOM Clinic Patients – updated 5/11/20

We are pleased to announce that we we are still open for face-to-face appointments during this second lockdown as we are a healthcare service and are allowed to continue to see patients as per Government guidelines. You are allowed to travel for medical/healthcare appointments during lockdown.

We have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and students in the current environment.

If you are interested in booking a face-to-face appointment, please take some time to read the information below so that you know what measures we have put in place and what to expect when we re-open.

We will need to speak to you before we can make an appointment, to ensure that a face-to-face appointment is right for you.

If you would like to arrange this, please call Clinic Reception on 0207 435 7830. We will aim to return all calls within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

We will continue to offer our popular video appointments to patients who cannot attend in person.

We have been contacted by many patients who are keen to resume face-to-face treatment. Due to our new infection control measures, we will have fewer appointments available so please bear with us as we try to accommodate everyone.

Please take some time to read the information below so that you know what measures we have put in place and what to expect in your appointment.

Pre-appointment Patient Risk Assessment

In order to ensure that it is clinically appropriate to offer you a face-to-face appointment, we will be doing a pre-appointment risk assessment for each patient.  The aim of the risk assessment is to identify any factors which may be relevant when deciding with you whether a face-to-face appointment is right for you.

Stage 1: The current guidance for osteopaths is to offer face-to-face appointments only where this is clinically necessary. We will therefore book you for an initial video or telephone consultation to determine if this is the case.

If you are a new patient, this will give you the opportunity to tell us all about your problem and your medical history. We can then discuss with you whether a face-to-face appointment is likely to be required or whether we can offer you some advice there and then.

If you are an existing patient, the video appointment will give you an opportunity to let us know how you are getting along and we can decide together with you whether a face-to-face appointment is likely to be required or whether we can offer you some advice during the video appointment.

In either case, we will need to screen you to see whether you have any medical conditions which are on the NHS high-risk or moderate-risk categories for COVID-19. This will include whether you live with someone who may be in one of these categories. We will also ask how you would travel to the clinic; this allows us to consider the risk to you of travelling by public transport. It will also help us to plan our car parking allocation to ensure parking is available if you drive to the clinic.

We have been offering video appointments successfully and many patients have found that the advice we can offer is sufficient to help them with their problem. However, if we do decide, together with you, that a face-to-face appointment would be helpful, we have the following measures in place for when you visit the Clinic.

Social Distancing

  • We ask all patients to attend alone, unless a carer or chaperone is required. If this is the case, we will also need to do a risk-assessment with them.
  • We ask all patients to arrive on time, rather than early.
  • If you are arriving by car, please call us from your car and we will let you know when your practitioner is ready. If you are arriving by foot, we have social distancing measures in place in the Reception area.
  • We ask all patients to pay in advance via card to reduce contact time at Reception.
  • We will call you after your appointment to arrange a follow-up (if required) so you may exit the building immediately after your treatment.
  • We will not have more people than required in treatment rooms, so there will be no student observers to appointments. Only the tutor and your student practitioner will be present.

Infection Control

  • We ask all patients to attend their appointment with a mask. If you do not attend in a suitable mask, we will provide one at a small charge. If you have problems wearing a mask due to an underlying respiratory condition, we will discuss this with you during the risk assessment.
  • We ask all patients to use hand sanitiser gel on arrival; this is available throughout the building and in all treatment rooms.
  • All our practitioners and supervising tutors will be wearing PPE in compliance with the guidance for our sector (plastic aprons, gloves, masks).
  • We have removed all unnecessary furniture and items such as magazines from the Clinic, so it may look a little sparse but this will help us to keep it clean.
  • All treatment rooms will be aired and cleaned between appointments; all hard surfaces including the plinth (treatment couch), chairs, door handles and floor will be disinfected.
  • The clinic reception will be cleaned and surfaces disinfected regularly.
  • Everyone entering the building (staff/students/patients) will have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer on arrival.

Toilet Facilities

We will have one toilet available for patient use which will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.


BCOM Clinic is a charity and we keep our prices as low as possible. PPE is expensive and we have therefore decided to add £1.50 to the cost of each standard/concessionary appointment. Payments will be taken by credit/debit card over the phone. For our price list click here.

IMPORTANT: We will ask all patients not to attend if they are self-isolating and to agree to this in writing. We will send you details of who is currently being advised to self-isolate due to possible Covid-19 exposure. If you should be self-isolating, we will ask you to wait until the self-isolation period is over; we can offer you a video appointment in the meantime.  If you do need someone to attend with you, they will also need to agree, in writing, to not attend if they are self-isolating.

Watch a short video to see what you can expect from your appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic.






















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